zondag 7 februari 2010

I've been Phoned,,

A very lazy sunday and I'm surfing the internet like there's no tomorrow. And there isn't, because tomorrow school starts again and my 3 weeks of good life are over.
I'm bored on my mind and I'm browsing because yesterday I received a call from T-mobile: ''Congratulations mister Carson, you get a new iPhone!'' I was Like what?!
''we can see here that you purchased your iPhone almost 2 years ago and because you where one of the first 500 people in the Netherlands to buy one, you can get a new one in 5 days..'' And now I was even more like WHAT?!, But what the sleezeball on the phone really wanted was to extend my contract deal with T-mobile, at first I said no, but then I thought why go to so much trouble again to get my phone renewed just like 2 years ago, so I said yes. And now a day later I'm waiting for my email from T-mobile, but there is still nothing here. Nothing to cancel and no possibility to try and get out of my phone attack from the day before.

So I'm curious what other phones are there really out there? what has the phone industry been up to for the last two years? So I'm browsing and my eye catches a trend from America: the sidekick! A sidekick is an enormous flip over device which is mostly being used for texting and keeping everybody updated on what you are doing right now. You can easily connect with your facebook, twitter, myspace, blogspot and what ever you got going on on the web.
The next thing that crosses my mind: I have to have a sidekick! But as I search on I find out that the sidekick works in every country except for the Netherlands, because we are retarted and don't need to update our facebook, twitter and myspace every 5 minutes. GRRR why is it that when you find something you want, there is always something that tries to keep you away from it!
You can use a sidekick here in the Netherlands but than thats without
the use of email and the internet. You can only text and call with it. So no Facebook, no Twitter, no Myspace and no blogspot for me! Well fine, Sidekick LX 2009: not gonna happen!
Whats left for me then? Do I have to use an iphone for the rest of my life?! Will I ever be able to change to another brand of phone? Its hard to chance when you have tasted the easyness and the awesomeness from the iPhone, It connects well with my Mac, its a hell of an MP3 and you can find every godforsaken application you could ever wish for!
But I'm bored with it...

And there it is! sony-ericsson's new Experia X10, Its to die for!, Its just an iPhone, just bigger and shinier.
What more could a gadget freak like me dream of!
Just a boring sunday..l

Was signed by

Kenneth Carson,

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