donderdag 5 augustus 2010


I've got issues! And big ones!
I alway wear boots, boots and more boots! I guess you could say thats my signature. And since everything is on sale right now, I'm spending more money on clothing and shoes than ever.

First of, my new Zara boots. Suede plompy boots which won't stay up. I love em. Their just right for the last days off summer and the autumn. I had some problems with fitting them into my wardrobe. I didn't know what to wear with them but I found a grey/white wash jeans which goes perfect with them. (See my Lookbook)

The next pair are my Gstar patton military boots.
White leather everywhere. They were hell to walk in at first. But now a days they are very comfy. It's not your typical everyday shoe but they go well with a rough jeans and an overall military look!

And than my favorites. The Gstar Cabin Apser boots. I wear them all day every day. I bought them last years winter. and I still love em. The inside is nice and warm. I carry half a sheep in my boots but it worth it. I bet the sheep would agree on that! Only for this years winter I have to get the sole fixed because the heel is wearing out.

But I'll probably buy a new pair of expensive boots this winter.

ohw well, everybody has his or her flaw ;)

Kenneth Carson

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